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KUZEYMAK INC. was founded in Mersin, Turkey in 2002. It led the heating sector with the solar water heaters with evacuated tubes. In 2009, KUZEYMAK INC. started to produce some other products within this market as well. It provides integrated solutions to heat spaces, domestic-usage water, swimming pool water and central heating system applications on national/international heating sector.

Our company has built up its brand power KUZEYMAK based on 16 years of experience and countrywide sales-service competence with the support of its wide sales network of authorized dealers. KUZEYMAK INC. has carried its national brand power and product- service quality abroad and has exported to many countries around the world.

KUZEYMAK INC. produces solar water heaters with evacuated tubes, solid fuelled boilers, solid fuelled-kitchen stove heating systems and bathroom heaters in its factory in Mersin, Turkey.