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, who puts importance on the protection and proper use of energy resources from the date he has taken part in the market, made official his consciousness by the ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System Certification.

Kuzeymak who acts during any production periods and in activities according to these standards has minimized the waste of package and manufacturing. On the other hand, Kuzeymak directs the consisting waste in a safe way to recycling and re-use.

For protecting the environment and preventing pollution and energy consumption, the wastefulness is prevented by use of raw materials, energy, natural resource and also technology selection.

Kuzeymak puts forward the importance given to the environment and recycling once again by eco-friendly (do not cause air pollution), high efficient and with fuel saving Pellet Fueled Kuzeymak Boiler added to his product group in recent years.

In his activities Kuzeymak uses ozon layer friendly materials and minimizes the elements that can cause air, water, loud and sound pollution.

In this regard Kuzeymak directs his employees to develop environmental awareness and adopt it as a principle in their lifes. Thus Kuzeymak constitutes a sustainable management system within the scope of company.

Kuzeymak takes responsibility of spreading environmental awareness also out of the company and supports any educational and informative event about it.